Why Arsenal may not make top four



This is the midway point of the season and Arsenal are already five points adrift of the top four sides. You may be thinking it’s too early to talk about top four hopes going away but it is quite realistic to think it’s going to be difficult based on a number of factors.

By this time last season, Arsenal had six more points but still crashed out of the Champions League. There are five teams battling for the three remaining positions after Manchester City who have a huge lead at the top.

Manchester United are currently second and looks the most consistent for the top four race as they have a large squad to cope with the demands of playing multiple competitions and are out of the Carling Cup.

Chelsea are also most bookies favourite to qualify for the champions league. The defending champions have a good squad and are on a good run of form with nine victories in 12 matches.

Liverpool currently occupy the last Champions League spot. While their defence may not inspire much confidence although Van Dirk’s arrival should have some effect, their attack is one of the most devastating in the league with the likes of Salah, Mane and Coutinho ripping defences up every week.

This leads us to the fifth-placed Arsenal. The problem with Arsenal this season is that their inconsistency has become much more worrying than the previous season. This has occurred severally, how do you explain beating a Crystal Palace side away quite comfortably and indulging in 1-1 with relegation-threatened Westbrom side?

Arsenal’s inability to hold on to leads in big games is also a problem as seen in the matches against Liverpool and Chelsea, majorly due to conceding cheap goals, perhaps we should return to the four-man defence we had always utilized.

Lastly, Arsenal could potentially play up to 60 games this season if they go far in the Europa League and FA Cup. Does Arsenal have the squad to cope?  Arsenal second squad scaled through the Europa League Group Stages easily, but the Knockout is another ball game with likes of Atletico, Dortmund and Napoli who are be potential quarterfinalists waiting.

It would be interesting to see what Arsene Wenger  comes up with to Navigate the remaining half of the season but for now their top four hopes seems to be hanging a thread.


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    1. chris

      January 8, 2018 at 11:43 am

      How about because we are not good enough ? And because we have a time warp Manager who continues to preside over our long term decline ?