Most famous celebrity Arsenal fans



The legendary north London club are renowned for a vibrant attacking philosophy which has earned a massive fan base across the globe and also earned them some celebrity Arsenal fans over the years.

Among the fans are also a host of celebrities who haven’t shied away from proclaiming their love for Arsenal and a list of these famous people is mentioned below

Piers Morgan


Piers Morgan poses with a retro Arsenal jersey

Probably the most vocal Celebrity Arsenal fan you may have known. He needs no introduction, as the Briton passionately post updates, comments and opinions regarding the latest happenings in the team.


Morgan, though is often seen as a divisive figure mainly due to his outspoken nature which uncharacteristically made him unpopular amongst the Gunners fan base. It only takes time to know that he is also a shareholder at the club. However, he rarely attends the Arsenal’s annual general meetings (AGM) though.

Jay Z


Does Jay Z support Arsenal? Rumours initially swirled that the hip hop Star was a huge Gunners fan. However, the American he is actually a Gooner, and would like to invest in the club when the opportunity arises.

The Grammy award-winning artist is known to be close friends with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and is reported to have told his Pop star wife Beyonce as regards plans on moving to the capital for more participation in the club related activities.


The British singer have made no denial about her support for the club, often claiming she frequently visited the Highbury Stadium with her Dad when she was little. Now though, Dido has been photographed numerously at the Emirates stadium, cheering her beloved Gunners.

Osama bin laden

Incredulous as it may seem. The world’s most acclaimed terrorist was a football lover and known to be an Arsenal fan. The Al-Quaeda leader was reportedly a fanatic and witnessed Arsenal’s amazing run to the
European cup final in the 1993/1994 season. A replica shirt of Ian Wright was purchased by Laden as a gift for his eldest son Abdullahi.

Roger Federer

Only few may know that Tennis sensation Roger Federer supports Arsenal football club. The Gooner, who is also friends with Thierry Henry and Mesut Ozil, visited the Emirates stadium sometime in 2015 and also watched the Champions League game against Anderlecht.

The Queen of England

No other fan is as big as the first lady of England. Her royal majesty is reportedly an avid supporter of the club for the last 50 years. Royalty appears to flow through the Gunners vein as it is also reported the late Queen mother and the Queen’s Grandson Prince Harry have shown support for the north London team on numerous occasions.


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