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Jose Mourinho still yet to deliver at Manchester United




Jose Mourinho at Manchester United

The Red Devils have been eliminated from Europe’s elite competition in their own backyard, raising further doubts of Mourinho’s suitability in restoring Manchester United back to the higher echelons.

It rather is unbecoming for a team who portrayed Mourinho’s amplified brand of football in the home win against archrivals Liverpool would succumb so easily against a team who finished a tad below their aforementioned rivals in the group stages of the Champions League.

In truth, a sense of predictability hovered around the result and despite United effectively securing their place for next season UEFA Champions league campaign. It’s fair to say, Mourinho has had his fair share of critics, much due to his propensity to seek the ‘safety first approach’ in games where an all blazing approach would have been the best option.

Nevertheless, fans would care less, as long as their thirst for success and accolades are raucously attained. The reverse, though might the case when such negative form of football leads them to be outmaneuvered so ruthlessly by an average Sevilla side.

Bar Lukaku’s impressive solo effort from a corner, United players appeared lethargic, failing to muster a performance worthy of progression into the quarter finals.

Although, It certainly would be wrong to claim the result borders down on United’s ineffectual display, with Sevilla boss Vincezo Montella pulling out a tactical masterclass that Mourinho probably at his peak would have been proud of.

Sadly, Mourinho now in his prime, appears very spiteful; aiming jibes at whoever deems his cautious approach to games insufficient for a club the size of Manchester united. Whether opinions or suggestions from third parties would deter Mourinho from his rather acknowledged philosophy is another matter entirely.

The loss to Sevilla is not the final hammer to the coffin, but it certainly raised more than a few eyebrows as to if the Portuguese and his brand are the right tools in restoring the receding aura embellished during the propelling heights of Ferguson’s era.


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