Wenger to blame for Arsenal’s situation



What happened in the Carabao cup final on Sunday was no surprise to majority of football fans worldwide. As it has been obvious for the past eight years that Arsene Wenger is past it and has lost his magic touch. The French man who revolutionised English football by bringing science methods to club coaching and introducing quick intricate attacking play, has fallen foul with one of the important rules in the sport. Wenger has refused to acknowledge that his methods of coaching are outdated and will fall short against the best teams in the world.



Arsenal Football club are a shambles from the board to the players, there seems to be lack of direction coming out from the Club’s hierarchy.  Over the years, players’ recruitment has been a source of derision among Arsenal fans as they have seen the club lose out in recruiting players. The claim from Wenger then was that the club was servicing debt payments for the stadium built, but three years after being declared debt free there seems to be no change in approach.

Arsene Wenger has massive responsibility in creating these problems, as he has allowed a culture of mediocrity to accumulate in the club.  Whereby Arsenal can beat Manchester United today and lose the next day against Nottingham forest. During the January transfer window it was obvious that Arsenal needed solutions to the defensive midfield and defence position, yet the Frenchman bought a striker and a playmaker while selling the only genuine defensive midfielder, Francis Coquelin, the club had on their books.

Arsene Wenger has to start accepting the blame for Arsenal’s shortcoming and either leave at the end of the season or take advantage of his extra year in his contract to rectify some of this issues. Until then the Gunners will continue to fall short in vital matches and continue being a laughing stock in England.

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    1. Vicbklyn

      February 27, 2018 at 3:02 pm

      Wenger or no Wenger does not matter! We are like #18 in the FA’s top 2 leagues in spending. Championship clubs have spent more than us since #silentstanout came to the club. If we spend we sell to make up the difference. Wenger does not write checks. Although he is an Arsenal legend, stronghold, Stan Kroenke is an American owner with a history of making money from sports franchises being just good enough, not competiting for the trophies. His wife is a Walmart Heiress and that is exactly how our club is ran!